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    Everyone will develop a cough at some point in time. While there are various cough drugs dedicated to providing relief and fighting cough, not many of them can be effective quickly. Delsym is an effective drug used to provide temporary relief of coughs without phlegm due to certain infections in the air passages. Delsym is not, however, suitable for people who have long-term coughs due to smoking and other related issues.

    Why use Delsym

    • Relief and Suppressants: Delsym as a relief and suppressant drug provides quick relief for coughs. It works by suppressing dry and hacking coughs. It is also known to help control coughs related to colds or irritants that are inhaled.
    • Cold Decrease: Delsym does not only work to relieve people of cough. It also helps to decrease the urge to cough. Since it contains dextromethorphan, it helps to reduce the rate of cold by suppressing it.

    Precautions and What to Avoid

    • Avoid taking drugs if you have taken MAO inhibitors in the past two weeks, as there could be a dangerous reaction between drugs.
    • Avoid administering drugs to children under 12 years.
    • Ensure to use drugs according to the prescription on the label or as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist.
    • Ensure to use an accurate measurement to avoid over or underdose.
    • Seek doctor's consent if you are a breastfeeding mother.
    • See your doctor or pharmacist quickly if you notice any strange occurrence or reactions.

    Cough and cold often accompany each other; pick up a Delsym from our store today to get quick relief.