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Cat Toys

Cat Toys

Cats need toys to play with and keep themselves busy. Just like your toddlers are happy about toys, cats are as well, and the toys keep them engaged whenever you are not around to play with them. Boredom can make them cranky and aggressive to strangers and even members of your family whenever you are not around. Some of the toys are educative and can help your cat learn better ways to socially relate to you and their environment.

Best Cat Toys

The best cat toys are made with sturdy plastic materials that are durable and will stand the constant puncturing from your cats. They are also built with chemical plastics that aren't harmful to the environment when exposed to the sun and your cats. They are well designed, soft and tender, yet durable, and can afford your cat the perfect recreation they deserve.

Types of Cat Toys

At Vitabox, we have a variety of toys available for those who want to keep their cat pets happy and friendly. We have them in different categories, and some of them include:

  • Cat Feather Toys: These toys look like the fur of cats, and they are intrigued by their appearance and gentle touch. We have teaser toys like cat winds and feather refills. There are different types of cat toys in this category with furry feathers, which you can use to make playtime with your cats fun.
  • Cat Mice and Animal Toys: You can have your cat play with replicas of the mice they love to prey on and give them that feeling of being the predators. This can boost their morale and make them feel happier. The mice are made of rubber and make squeaky sounds like the real mice when scratched. This gives your cats the feeling of trampling upon their prey. Other animal toys that they love are available, like rabbits.
  • Cat Toy Balls: Cats also love to play football as they love to chase after it when it rolls. Rubber balls of different colors and sizes are available for them to play with. You just need to pick these for them, and for the fun to get better, you can play with them using the balls. This will strengthen the bond you share with them, keep them happier, and help them exercise rather than stay bored all the time.
  • Catnip Toys: Give your cats something to nip on with these rubber nip toys that come in various shades and types. They take after the shape of bananas and other fruits so your cat pets can bite and chew on them. Instead of them chewing on your furniture out of boredom or chewing on things you didn't permit them, these nip toys can keep them busy.
  • Cat Play Tunnels: This is arguably the most exciting of them all as cats can run through the tunnels and appear on the other side while you wait to grab it. It is the height of fun here, and you can give your cat the nip toys to run through the tunnels. They come in different shapes forms and shapes, but all are made of plastic materials. Some come with more than one opening, while some are just with an entrance and exit. All of them offer the same pleasurable experience of fun.