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Cat Litter & Housebreaking

Cat Litter & Housebreaking

Cat litter serves as the bathroom for your cat. It typically comes with a liner for the litter box and scoops' inside that you can use as a cleaning tool. On the other hand, housebreaking is the process of training your pet to avoid urinating or defecating in the house and only in the litter box.

The Best Cat Litter and Housebreaking Products

The best cat litter boxes have enough space for your cat to eliminate wastes, walk, play, and dig without coming in contact with the sides of the box or waste. In addition, up to 3 inches of the box should be filled with litter. It must be unscented and made in a fine grit-crumping style.
You can buy a cat litter that has a lid or not, depending on your cat's preference. However, you should make sure that the litter box sides are low so your cat can enter and exit easily if your cat is too young or too old. Buying a cat litter box with high sides is the best if your cat likes to stand while urinating or excreting. This is to ensure that the eliminated wastes do not fall out of the litter box.

  • Cat Litter Liners: Used to line the insides of the cat litter boxes.
  • Cat Litter Boxes: Wooden or plastic boxes filled with litter that is used for urinating and defecating by cats.
  • Cat Litter Scoops: Plastic scoops used for cleaning the cat litter boxes.

Benefits of Cat Litter and Housebreaking Products

  • Conceals the mess: The cat litter box serves as the bathroom for your cat. You can choose a secluded spot and keep the cat litter box there. This way, the eliminated waste from your cat can be concealed.
  • Privacy for your cat: Cats like privacy, and your cat is no different. Because the cat litter box is kept in a secluded spot, it will give your cat the privacy needed for being in a bathroom.
  • Conceals the smell: Using a cat litter box helps to conceal the smell of the litter. In addition, it comes with a scoop that you can use to clean the litter box. This way, the smell of eliminated waste won't be all over the room.
  • Decoration: A cat litter box can also serve as an extra decoration for your room. This is because they come in different beautiful colors and designs. No matter where you decide to keep it, it will surely add a bit of color to your room or bathroom.


Need a cat litter to prevent your cat from littering your room with wastes? Trust our stores for the best cat litter and housebreaking products.