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Book Covers & Book Accessories

Book Covers & Book Accessories

Book covers are important accessories that can protect your books from damage. They are popular for travelers, and valuable books that need to stand the test of time. Other accessories include:

  • Bookmarks: There are manual and magnetic bookmarks used to mark points in a book while reading for subsequent reading purposes. You don't have to go through the hassle of searching for your last page when the bookmarks are already here.
  • Book Lights: Book Lights make reading possible in the dark. They come in different designs and styles but are all rechargeable. Some come with USB cords that can be attached to a power bank or laptop and used when their batteries are down. Some are so convenient to be used on the neck while reading.
  • BookEnds and Racks: These are for storage purposes alone. After reading, the books need to be stored somewhere safe, and the book ends, and racks are used for this purpose. They can be used to store the books on shelves or plain walls.

Benefits of Book Covers and Accessories

  • Protects the Books: There are a handful of things that can keep a book in bad shape. It could be water spillage or kids attempting to play with them. However, when they are fully covered, the damage gets to the covers first before the books thereby, keeping them safe. The racks also protect the books because when they are safely stored on shelves, it's difficult for them to be affected by anything harmful.
  • Enhances the Reading Process: Accessories enhance the reading process and create a redefined reading experience for any book lover. The lights are there to ensure darkness doesn't stand in the way of any reading activity. The book markers are used to encourage continuity while reading, as forgetting the last page can discourage the continuation of any prior reading process.