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Body Scrubs & Treatments

Body Scrubs & Treatments

Achieving that radiant skin you've always desired doesn't come with skincare products alone. Just like you use face scrubs to exfoliate your facial skin, body scrubs and treatments can be used for the rest of your body. They remove dead and dry skin layers to make it easier for other skincare products to be applied to the body.

With body scrubs, skin treatments can be more effective as they will now be applied on crisp clear skin layers. Dead skin cells constitute dirt, can lead to acne, and make the skin look wrinkled. That is the last thing you'd want, and thankfully, we've got all the body scrubs you need to ensure that it never happens.

Types of Body Scrubs

We've got different kinds of body scrubs in store since we're aware that clients can be very choosy when it comes to products. Below are the different body scrubs available for your preference.

  • Salt Body Scrubs: They are made of different grades of sea salts and are active in eliminating toxins from your skin. They make the toxin erupt from their location beneath your pores where they've been hiding and obstructing the flow of nutrients from your body to your skin. When they arrive at the surface, you unconsciously scrub them away. They can be mixed with oils for better results.
  • Sugar-based Scrub: Made from either granulated sugar or brown sugar, sugar scrubs are effective against dead skin cells and provide the needed glow for customers. You can apply them with essential oils for more results.
  • Coffee Body Scrubs: Coffee is a natural stimulant and provides a laid-back feeling when you're about your skin scrubbing business. You can add some scents to it like Vanilla or chocolate to make the entire exercise more soothing and enjoyable.
  • Herbal Body Scrubs: If you love organic products and the herbal way of life, we've got you covered here. The herbal body scrubs come in different forms since different herbs are used to make them. Some are made from special flowers that come with scents to make you feel better down your nostrils as you exfoliate your skin.
  • Moisturizing Body Scrubs: If dry skin is your major challenge, then this one is for you. Hydrate your skin with the moisturizing effects that it provides and watch it flow brilliantly.

How to Choose Body Scrubs and Treatments

Not all body scrubs are meant for every kind of skin. Consequently, the following should be noted before choosing a body scrub.

  • If you've got sensitive skin, you should go for sugar scrubs that are not reactive to skins and avoid the salty versions.
  • If your skin is extremely dry, go for moisturizing scrubs.
  • Look for mild scrubs with small fine granules if you'll be scrubbing more often, and if your skin is tough, use scrubs with large granules to get the job done.

Benefits of Using Scrubs

  • Having radiant skin.
  • Skincare products work better after scrubbing.
  • Dead skin layers are removed.
  • Limits the risk of acne and other skin diseases.