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Birdcages & Accessories

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Birdcages & Accessories

A birdcage is a cage used to house pet birds. If you have birds as pets, their cages are more important than anything else because it protects them from any external attack and keeps them from flying away. But then, the cages without treats inside only make things boring for them, so always remember to keep them busy with treats. And then, we have accessories that can be used to help the cages stand better and provide support to the birds.

Types of Bird Cages

Bird Cages come in different types and sizes depending on the size of the bird. For bigger birds, some cages are big enough to allow them to engage in some flights in it. That is for sizes. When it comes to materials, some bird cages are made of plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials. Whichever variant you are looking for, we've got you covered in different styles and prices. There are also birdcages for certain birds like parrots and other birds who wouldn't use generic cages.

How to Choose A Birdcage for Your Bird

In choosing a birdcage for your pet bird, here are the things that you should consider:

  • Size: This is very important because the size of the cage needs to be comfortable for the bird. It should be spacious enough to allow for some movement.
  • Location: You need to choose a location for the birdcage around the house. This allows for some social interaction with the bird, and that should affect the kind of cage you're getting.
  • Material Used: If you are looking for durable birdcages, you should go for the ones that are made of metals with the bars no more than an inch away from each other so that they won't attempt to squeeze through and get stuck.

Things to Avoid

  • As your birds are in their cages, their safety is also of utmost concern. In ensuring that they are safe, the paint of bars should be non-toxic because the birds can lick them and die from poisoning.
  • Don't place a bird in a cage that is too small for it so that its wing can't flap without hitting bars. This might injure its wings.
  • Be mindful of the position in the house where you place the birds especially if they are going to be staying outdoors. You might want to shield them from areas where there is excessive sunlight.

Bird Cages Accessories

In terms of accessories for bird cages, there are a handful of items that can be used to enhance their habitat and make things easier for you and the birds. Some of them include:

  • Birdcage dividers
  • Birdcage stands
  • Birdcage feeders
  • Bird Cage covers
  • Birdcage bedding and litter
  • Birdcage swings
  • Birdcage nests
  • Catchers