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Antibiotics & Antiseptics

Antibiotics & Antiseptics

Antiseptics and Antibiotics are classified under the chemical group ""antimicrobials"" which is a general name for chemicals that kill or inhibit the growth of microbes include bacteria, germs, and other pathogens. However, the difference between both of them is that antiseptics slow down or inhibit the growth of these microbes to prevent them from causing infections or further infections, while antibiotics are used to kill them completely. Antiseptics are majorly used on cuts and bruises to stave off infections and help the wounds heal faster. Any wound left unattended is an open invitation to microorganisms and bacteria for feasting, but cleaning them with antiseptics and ingesting antibiotics can keep them safe and avoid infections. While both have similar functions, antibiotics can be taken orally and applied topically, but antiseptics are only meant for topical applications.

The Best Antiseptics and Antibiotics

The best antiseptics generally contain active ingredients like:

  • Alcohol -for disinfecting the wounds
  • Peroxides -whose oxidation leads to scar formation and faster healing
  • Iodine -for killing pathogens
  • Phenols -as disinfectants

Benefits of Antibiotics and Antiseptics

  • They help wounds heal faster
  • They stave off infections from injuries
  • With their protection and potency, they keep you safe from sicknesses and diseases
  • They protect you from skin infections
  • Antibiotics are used in the treatment of flu, sore throats, and cough.

What to Avoid

Do not use antiseptics and antibiotics on the following:

  • Large wounds and cuts
  • On the eyes
  • On injuries sustained from animal attacks
  • On severe burns
  • On skins that contain any foreign object underneath them

You should not use antibiotics bought over-the-counter for more than one week to prevent the bacteria or other pathogens from becoming immune to them. To be on the safe side, always follow precautions for use written on the labels.

How to Use Antiseptics and Antibiotics

  • Antiseptics Since they require topical application on skin injuries, it's not safe to use bare hands for first aid ointments, which could be already contaminated. Use scissors and cotton wool. Dip them in the solution and apply them to the affected areas. Other kinds of antiseptics like hand sanitizers and mouthwash require no special procedure for use. Just apply on the hands and rub them together or spray in your mouth in the case of mouthwash.
  • Antibiotics Antibiotics are used by prescriptions. You can either follow the prescription written on the labels they come with, or you follow that of your doctor.